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De Noir offspring with great succes in USA15-04-2014 - 21:19

Rassing's Lonoir and his rider Olivia LaGoy-Weltz deliveres impressing results in Intermediare I   

In the United States the De Noir son Rassing's Lonoir (breed by Jan and Dorte Rassing) delivrede the second highest score in Intermediare I this year. Rassing's Lonor and Olivia LaGoy-Weltz is placed on the top 5 off Dutta's ranking. Thereby the couple is in top 15 of the USA og has an invitation to the Festival of Champions in Gladstone, where the competitors for the WEG is selected.


Olivia says that Lonoir is a very talented horse with great potential.


Congratulations to Olivia with the impressing results. 


Source:  rideshesten.com


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