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The first foal have seen the day06-04-2014 - 11:03

The first foal after our young stallions - Zodaic and Cantolar has seen the day

It is always exiting when our breeders gets their foal and a happy time for them and us. And it is specially exiting with our joung stallions which have their first foals this year. Zodiac and Cantolar has already been fathers to the first foals and we are very happy with the results.

For Zodiacs foals it seems that they are expressive, elegang (with long legs) and very well-moving. Cantalor seems also to make a very good expression and elegance with a good canter.


We are very happy to see that the foals seems to be just as we expected for this two beautilfull horses with great qualities and we hope that our breeders will do us the honor to come to our foalchampionship in july to shown them.


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